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Shop-in-Shop – Ask for a demo

Introduce your products and build an emotional
connection with the shopper

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Author: Kamil Osiński / Project Management Team Lead | Brand Stores

Stand out in a crowd of competitors and provide the shoppers with your own branded experience on a marketplace or eRetailer’s site.

High-quality, valuable content on product cards is a must-have if you want to convince customers to purchase your product. But the options to build long-term trust and promote your other categories are limited. So how can you overcome these limitations? Create a Shop-in-Shop!

If you’ve ever been in a retail store and seen a custom brand-dedicated area or section, you will get the idea of an online Shop-in-Shop (also known as a Brand Store). It serves the same purposes:

  • It lets you present products in your own way, with order and segmentation chosen by you; no more fighting for shelf position with competitors,
  • It allows you to surround the products with branded content that can support shoppers’ purchase decisions; just like if they were buying products directly from you,
  • It allows you to stand out from the competition and get discovered by new customers,
  • It lets you promote complementary products and accessories.

The Digital version of a Shop-in-Shop has even more to offer:

  • It serves as a perfect landing destination for your off-site and on-site advertising and demand generation activities,
  • It displays dynamic (“best sellers”) and personalized (“recommended for you”) product selections*,
  • Multipage Shop-in-Shop allows you to create a branded journey and guides the shopper from the introduction on the homepage all the way to making the decision by clicking “Add to Basket”.

If these benefits sound tempting, we recommend preceding these efforts with content optimization on your product cards even before you start developing a Shop-in-Shop. Ultimately, for many shoppers, this will be the last step before making the purchase. Therefore you need to make sure that the experience is seamless. 

Once your store is live, the efforts shouldn’t stop there. Regular updates of the content and portfolio are crucial for the store to stay relevant and have returning customers. Moreover, there is no use for a Shop-in-Shop if customers cannot find it. To ensure shoppers can easily reach your store, make it a part of your Demand Generation strategy and promote it throughout the eRetailer’s site.

At eStoreLabs, we can support you on each of the steps of the way:

  • Optimizing products’ basic and advanced content,
  • Designing and implementing a store tailored to your needs and unique brand identity,
  • Performing regular (even daily!) maintenance and updates of your Shop-in-Shop,
  • Creating a holistic Demand Generation strategy to boost the visibility of your offers.

*The Shop-in-Shop modules available may differ depending on the eRetailer

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Our services at a glance

We are a hybrid eCommerce agency that produces the content that wins the shopper.
Here is the list of tools we use to prove the above point.

  • Strategic Advisory

    Strategic support for the brands to launch or optimise sales in the eCommerce channel

  • Content Creation

    End2End production of product content adjusted to eCommerce channel

  • Localization

    Localization of the product content in line with markets specificity, culture and local shopper behaviours

  • eMerchandising

    Product content maintenance and e-shelf optimisation with a data-backed approach

  • In-Store SEO

    Keywords and search algorithm analysis inside the eRetailer with copy optimisation to improve the findability and visibility of the products on the listing

  • Content Delivery

    Implementation of the product content to all selected eRetailers globally

  • Demand Generation

    eRetailer analysis in terms of marketing and advertising possibilities with recommendations to improve traffic, conversion and sales

  • Other Services & Tools

    Ratings & Reviews Explorer, eStoreAds (iMedia), Assortment & Distribution, Team Augmentation, D2C and many more…