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InStore SEO
How to organically boost your search rank and sales

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Author: Martijn Wiktor-Wagemans / COO @eStoreLabs

Many brands these days are looking for ways to quickly improve their sales, especially in Q4 and at the end of the year. Each company would like to close the year with a good result.

InStore SEO.

With events like Black Friday, the holidays, and other promotional retail events, the end of the year is a perfect moment to invest in SEO.

eStoreLabs InStore SEO optimization is one of the most effective ways of boosting your sales in a short period of time. It is almost like a wonder serum that makes everything better! InStore SEO optimization offers the highest ROI compared to other digital marketing tools.

A few on the benefits you see from InStore SEO optimization:

  • Increased share of search 
  • Increased share of navigation
  • Increased Click-Through-Rate
  • Increased market share
  • Increased conversation ratio
  • Increased Sales

And we haven't even talked about some of the emotional benefits it will have for your (potential) customers. When you combine Instore SEO with our copywriting services, you will see that the product copy we produce is informative and enhances user experience. We believe that good copy should inform, activate, and convert. 

Are you planning any demand generation or media strategy? Then it would be good to first SEO-optimize your content. Various tests have shown that SEO-optimized text leads to lower media spending and better results. 

At eStoreLabs, we have created several successful SEO optimization campaigns with good results. Here are some examples:

For a beauty brand in Israel, we managed to increase the share of search by 100%

For a pharma brand in Poland, we managed to increase the market share by 30%

For a toy manufacturer in Japan, we managed to increase the conversion rate by 4%


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Our services at a glance

We are a hybrid eCommerce agency that produces the content that wins the shopper.
Here is the list of tools we use to prove the above point.

  • Strategic Advisory

    Strategic support for the brands to launch or optimise sales in the eCommerce channel

  • Content Creation

    End2End production of product content adjusted to eCommerce channel

  • Localization

    Localization of the product content in line with markets specificity, culture and local shopper behaviours

  • eMerchandising

    Product content maintenance and e-shelf optimisation with a data-backed approach

  • In-Store SEO

    Keywords and search algorithm analysis inside the eRetailer with copy optimisation to improve the findability and visibility of the products on the listing

  • Content Delivery

    Implementation of the product content to all selected eRetailers globally

  • Demand Generation

    eRetailer analysis in terms of marketing and advertising possibilities with recommendations to improve traffic, conversion and sales

  • Other Services & Tools

    Ratings & Reviews Explorer, eStoreAds (iMedia), Assortment & Distribution, Team Augmentation, D2C and many more…